Thursday, November 27, 2008

In the end is the beginning...Well, maybe not.

In the process of creating this image a few things started coming into opening my mind's eye I could envision strange occurrences in the most banal objects; I was attracted to some pretty macabre images, such as skeletal remains; I had an underlying concern for the environment; and perhaps I had a hidden fatalistic view of where the world was heading.
"Cause & conséquence - eau" was the first in a series of four lithographs about the effects of pollution, the last of which was a culmination of the previous 3. These images were developped using Photoshop and were created when I was enrolled in the Bachelor of Visual Arts program at Université de Moncton. In 2005, "et à la fin" was chosen as the finalist for New Brunswick in the BMO First Art competition.

Other images I have created using various mediums

La pénombre - monotype

A few angels from a lithograph series

Therapeutic Walk-monotype

Femme contrebasse-monotype
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Champignons - Block print

Between Birth and Death -chine collée
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Terre Nébuleuse-Lithograph
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Cold - Acrylic painting

Security - ceramic


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Détresse- mixed media
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Humanité-ceramic sculpture
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Three Sages - Ceramic

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Sage and the Kimono Dragon
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