Monday, October 21, 2013

To be continued....

After three exhibits in three different communities, the paintings in my series Nature's Abstracts have each found a home. The culmination of this two year project came to fruition this week. Many were sold, some were traded with other artists and some were given to family.


In My Studio
Of  the 34 paintings, there were only three I could not part with.
45cm x 60cm
Oil paint and paste on canvas
36cm x 36cm
Oil paint, stone and resin on canvas

30cm x 20cm
Oil paint on raw canvas, stone and feather
And a few were very difficult to part with.

10 cm x 12.5 cm
Oil paint, paste and stone on canvas

60cm x 51 cm
Oil paint and resin on canvas

Oil paint on Canvas
70 cm x 27 cm

The feedback I received from the three exhibits by way of written and verbal comments was most rewarding. It seems that this series of oil paintings successfully conveyed the very message I was trying to transmit-abstract art is all around us! I'm not sure yet if I am quite done with this theme because as I developed it so many new yet related ideas emerged. I am leaving them ferment as I take care of a few slightly more mundane tasks, i.e. cleaning my studio and prepping house and home for winter.

As for my blog, what can I say - To be continued....

(Note: I have been having the hardest time putting pics in my posts that it has really reduced my entries...Soooo frustrating!)

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