Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Endless chaos of the cluttered mind

The past few years have been really all-around crazy for me in every sense of the word. At times I feel that my head is akin to that drawer so many of us have that is just jam-packed with all types of junk imaginable, tossed in there because you just don't know where to put it.

If at least there was room in there for thoughts to ferment long enough to reach maturation, then to be released leaving space for the next thought or idea to develop...Alas, creative ideas just get thrown in with worries, useless thoughts, memories (both good and bad), plans and projects, lists of things I want to do, I could do, I should do...Every day the drawer gets harder and harder to close.

Ever the optimist, I keep trying to put order. The first thing I need to do is to take stalk of what is in there and focus on one area at a time:

3 Hearts

An assortment of Carniverous plants:

Five Heads:

This is just at first glance...Clearly, the time has come for some serious spring cleaning!

Curio Studio is where my creative side can really come out to play. It is where the interesting, the unusual and the creative come together. Nothing has to conform and nothing is judged. Sadly, it has been enduring a serious drought as the mundane has pushed it to the back of the drawer. The struggle for a drawer of it's own is evident...Hence this blog, hence yesterday's post and today's inventory of what you can find there. (Some, to my dismay, covered in cobwebs!)

You may be wondering who is keeping Curio at the back of the drawer...I know exactly who she is. Her name is Sonia, Curio's alter ego...No wait a minute, Curio is Sonia's alter ego...No wait, they're so different they can't possibly be occupying the same head-space! One thing I do know, Sonia is getting stronger and now she wants a blog of her own. We'll see who gets the upper hand!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Few Glimpses of Curio Studio

Thought I might get back into blogging and the creative process by taking a few shots of my studio. It is nestled among 40 foot spruce trees and features a screened in porch and all the amenities I could possibly need to create in a comfortable, warm environment. It is located about 200 feet from my home (although when 6 foot snowdrifts separate house and studio, it might as well be miles away! Lucky for me it is crusty snow time and I can just scoot over the drifts.) I digress...

In 2007, my studio was broken into and it has taken me quite some time to feel creative in that environment again, but it is coming about. Although they did little damage, they stole one of my most treasured tools - my computer. Don't get me wrong, a computer is just a possession that can easily be replaced but what the computer contained was a good deal of my creative memory and the images I created are gone forever. And of course, it just takes awhile to get over somebody invading your personal space. I think I am there now.

There are a lot of odd bits at Atelier Curio Studio, ie. a latex mold of ears;

A medical tray with dental instruments and various odd bits and pieces used mostly in clay work;

a couple of kilns and kiln supplies;

glaze tests & characters waiting to be bisqued;

various odds and ends;

and copper and tin plates used to make prints.

Of course, there are a lot of other materials and work surfaces, but not everything is suitable to be photographed...even some of the shots I did take should'nt be shown, however I think I'm in an evaluation process. That being said, I'm just going with the flow - sometimes meandering, sometimes rushing!
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