Friday, January 9, 2009

New Year, New Determination.

Last year I started my blog, this year I am determined to add to it on a weekly basis (I'd like to say daily, but I know myself well enough!). The art work and projects I will be posting will be from various periods in my creative development, which of course in a never-ending process. Because I fundamentaly believe that art is in every aspect of our lives, my post will seem rather eclectic, but in fact that is the very essence of who I am.

My latest creative endeavour wove it's way into the land of storytelling. I thoroughly enjoyed the creating a series of StoryBook Boxes with various bits of bric-a-brac that I found lying about.

Tarnish is the story of a queen who was so enamoured with the character in a book that she summoned him to appear before her. You can see additional photos and read more about it on my flickr page at:

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Karin said...

Hi *Curio*,
thanks for your visiting and leaving a comment on my blog - which has led me here :) your Story Book Box is very cool! I love all the elements, textures and thought behind it. I also like that there's a bit of mystery that remains, keeping me coming back because I want to reach in and get at that little scroll and unroll it to see what might be hidden within.
All your work here is intriguing, both visually and symbolically. Glad to meet you,

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