Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Shadow

Lesson 1 - I'm thinking this is a lot like being in Grade School, the only difference is that rather than just play I'm looking for something that seems to be buried pretty deep...Well deeper than what is coming forth so far!

Two of the images I used in this collage were actually spotted yesterday, the face from a photography book and the person carved out of a tree trunk (actually already used to create a print). The tree (I LOVE trees!) was spotted today as were the little notes. The process of putting the collages together and the "serendipitous search" (I may be exagerating a bit...I still can't stop planning) makes me think a lot about what the images mean to me.

The size of the shadowy figure makes me think something is lurking there, in the shadows, preventing the light from coming through. This is why I threw in a little sunshine of my own. Hopefully it will cast it's rays all the way to New Brunswick and shine brightly for a little while!

1 comment:

Robyn said...

Initially it is difficult to stop planning ahead but I think I'm getting to be more spontaneous now. Your collage is full of mystery.

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