Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Exploration Continues

In the very small community that I call home it is not often that the opportunity comes around to take an art course but in January I got lucky. Amber Lounder, a beautiful artist in her own right, offered painting classes which I quickly enrolled in. (You can see some of her work by following this link to Visual Literacy, her art journal/blog( http://amberlounder.blogspot.com/  ).

I decided to take the opportunity presented by theses classes to use oil paints rather than the acrylic I've been use to. It was an adventure, to say the least. For some reason, I also decided to use spatulas rather than brushes. Below are the paintings I created in the 10 weeks the course ran, as well as a couple I did at my studio and one that I'm still working on.
Snowed In
12 in x 12 in

Sky Ways & Water Ways
6 in x 12 in /each
Ice Cold
12 in x 12 in
Northern Lights Reflecting
6 in x 12 in /each

P'tit Feu Sauvage I
20 in x 24 in
P'tit Feu Sauvage II
Work in progress
20 in x 24 in

Where am I going with this? I wish I knew! Yet another medium to contemplate, yet another choice, yet another way to express myself, or not! I guess the last thing I need is another technique to neglect. The constant exploring, analyzing, experimenting is wearing me down. I can't seem to stop. I seem to be looking for some answer or something. I need somebody to tell me what the answer is so that I can latch on to it and focus, focus, focus!

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ArtPropelled said...

Exploration is good because how else will you know what the right direction is. Even if it's a process of elimination you still learn something with every direction you try. I think when you find the right medium it will be full steam ahead. Perhaps something completely different like fiber art? You have painted some lovely pieces here!

Some time back I went through this searching and eventually went back to my first love but with a new perspective. It still felt like the old me but with a new refreshed vision after all the detours.

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