Sunday, February 1, 2009


A few years ago I came upon an angel and it has managed to find it's way into a variety of my art pieces. Although it remains consistently and conspicuously the same, the atmosphere in which it finds itself is ever-changing. The feeling of security of her steadfast presence does not escape me as, regardless of her environment, she reaches upwards for something better.

Etched in glass, she stands out against an earthy background, subtle yet present.

Most of the times Angel has appeared she was in a lithograph. She is photo-etched on a metal plate which can be used many times. Probably the time she appeared that has meant the most to me is in the image below. As she points towards the heavens, she draws your attention to a segment of a love letter my father wrote to my mother during their courtship over 70 years ago.

You can see more three more prints in my previous postings.

Time to go to my studio. Although it is -7 degrees celcius and there is 3 feet of snow on the ground, the sun is shining and I'm looking forward to finishing one of the paintings in my sunflower series. I think I'll call it my Departure Series because it is so far away from what I've been doing.


Karin said...

This is one of those posts that I've come back to a couple of times, not finding the words to put together in a comment. The work says enough, without comment. How beautiful the image with your father's letter is - and since i don't really read french, that layer of only picking up a word here or there adds to the angelic essence for me. His penmanship was beautiful in this letter, too!

If I can help in any way with your altered book adventure, feel free to write me. My email is on my profile.
stay warm! Karin

Seth said...

Wonderful glass and on paper.

Robyn said...

How wonderful is this image of the angel with your fathers letter!

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