Monday, April 27, 2009


Acrylic on canvas

One of the things about being an artist without a regular routine is that so many things take over your, friends, gardening, spring chores. For my husband and me, this year it is the renovation of the interior of our house. Last year it was the outside, ie. roof, siding & windows. We are fortunate that we have enough skills to tackle most of these jobs ourselves. Our main floor is mostly complete with just a few finishing touches. Next is the lower level which is being gutted and redesigned completly. And my studio will also be getting new windows and siding.

Sometimes you feel like you are in the middle of a huge wave that is carrying you wherever it wants. The best approach seems to be to go with the flow even if it sometimes gets a little intense.

Acrylic on canvas

That being said, I think about blogging daily, but only get as far as checking out a few of my favorites. Topping my list is Beyond Words and Art Propelled. Just those two blogs are enough to give me energy and the hope that one day I'll get back to it myself. So Karin and Robyn, if you read this, Thank You both for being there! Your efforts bring joy to so many.

Anyway, gotta get back to it. I am actually writing this in the middle of a construction zone and I'm starting to think I should put on a hard hat.


Robyn said...'ve really made my day. Thank you!

I love "Centifuge". It makes me think of Hokusai. Hope you find some time to get back to's soooo important.

Karin said...

Hi again Sonia :) your images are so perfectly right on for depicting the way renovations feel - they roar in and completely take over! Going with the flow was a definite challenge for me during our renovation projects... We have others that my husband would love to do, but just the idea makes me break into a sweat! I'll only give the okay if i can move out for however many months it might take!! since that isn't going to happen, we will be happy with what is :)

Thanks you for your kind words and for being so supportive of what do - it means a lot to me.
❤ Karin

Seth said...

These two pieces are quite amazing!

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