Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Divining World

I've always been very interested in such things as astrology, tarot, fortune telling and all forms of divination. Although I'm not a firm believer in predicting the future, I have always had a certain respect for the tools one might use to predict the events of their lives or to query the spirits about some problem they are facing. As such, I have a pretty good selection of books and paraphanelia relating to the subject of divination. I have used them in the past as I sought answers to some issue or situation I was seeking clarification for and very often answers came to me.

I use these methods still today and the reason is quite simple.

I believe all answers are available to us and, when the time is right, the answers are there to grasp if we open our minds. Whether through dreams or divination, through the reading of signs or even through some game or system we develop ourselves (ie. 'If I get three green lights in a row, then the answer is GO'), we are often looking for help in deciding which road to take or which career to follow and even with the more mundane daily questions we come up with.

There is a wide array of tools one can use in a quest for answers but I have been developing my own. Of course, I do not presume to have the knowledge to create some new form of divining only instruments that I find aesthetically appealing.

That being said...My latest project will be a series of cards in the spirit of my Alpha Omega project, only much, much smaller. Presently I am working on a numerology set (pictured here) which measures just 1.5 inches by 3 inches.

I don't know if I will manage to complete it during this very busy family time of the year, but I do know it is just the first in a series because I consulted the spirits and they said so!


ArtPropelled said...

Yes I too believe all answers are available to us through whatever method we are comfortable with. I like your small numerology set and will be waiting to see where you go with this. I have a mouse oracle used by the Baule tribe in Africa. It's a carved jar with two levels. There is a hole in the floor of the divider through which a mouse can crawl (from the bottom level to the top level). Flour is sprinkled on the floor and the mouse's footprints are read like tealeaves in a cup.

Mar said...

i am drawn to all of these topics too!
beautiful cards

bridgette said...

ooooh, these look wonderful already.

best wishes to you too this new year!

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