Tuesday, January 19, 2010


As a multidiscipline visual artist, I find there is a certain cohesion lacking in my environment. I am literally all over the place. Still it remains clear to me that I cannot specialize in just one area of expression. Having accepted that, finding my unique voice seems all the more difficult.

In an attempt to bring order (that ever elusive state) into my creative endeavours, I have been trying to compartmentalize my projects, while still looking for common threads between the different forms of expression. The ultimate end to this exercise would allow an observer to recognize the works in my studio as mine alone. At present, the collection of my works gives the impression that I have a multiple split personality.

Some years ago I started writing journal which I titled Know Thyself. In it I wrote (and write) my personal beliefs about life in general, from the mundane to the exhilirating, from the surface to the deepest recess of my mind. It is far from complete. My best hope is that I will "know myself" in this lifetime.

I am applying this same process to my art, that is, I am going to examine the pieces I have created and will create to see what the common threads are, from colours to subjects to the choice of medium...Surely my voice is in there somewhere.

One place to start is with the subjects that seem to attract me most and today the focus is music and shadows, the colours are reds and blacks and the shapes are square.
Passion in Musical Shadows
Each is 4"x4" acrylic on canvas
I've had strange experiences with most aspects of life, music being one of those aspects.
I remember a Christmas long ago when a piano was delivered to my childhood home.
I will never know why, and I will never forget, only the children in the house were to play it even though none of us would ever play well.
That piano now takes up a corner of my livingroom like a sliver of my memories.


Willowpudgy said...

I love how your "Recycling" projects are manifesting themselves... I especially love the Musical theme in this one!

Karin Bartimole said...

I like the idea of this process you are undertaking with your work. It will be interesting to see where it leads you! I can truly relate to the feelings of scatterdness - my art is all over the place, too! While I do recognize threads of connectedness, I also have difficulty putting together a truly cohesive group of work. To remain fully focused in any one direction doesn't seem to work for me, though it did at one time, which sometimes frustrates me...

Anyway, I love the textures and passion I feel from these pieces Sonia- really wonderful!

Seth said...

Beautiful. One of the common threads I see here is such wonderful texture!!

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