Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Divining World-Part II

The cards I created below may well hold the key to your Destiny. Have a peek...

The Destiny Package

Inside you find 11 Destiny Numbers

Instructions are handprinted on the envelope itself.

(For the sake of clarity in this photograph I played around with colour and contrast.)

On each card is a Destiny Number and 6 attributes.

Sample cards

Outer Envelope

This Destiny Set was a first for me and will serve as a template for future sets. A couple of changes I intend to make are to go a little lighter on the backgrounds and to use a transfer method for the written information. The latter will cut down on the amount of time needed to produce a complete package, yet each will remain unique because of different backgrounds.
(For more on this project, check out the post
dated December 12, 2009)


ArtPropelled said...

These are amazing and the outer envelope really appeals to me. A lovely olde world feel to them.

Willowpudgy said...

I did mine to see, and I have to say it`s pretty accurate!!

bridgette said...


bridgette said...

also wanted to add:intriguing.

I bet the photos, as great as they are, just don't do this set justice. This looks like something I would just want to have in my hands and peer at closely. Nice work!

Curio said...

I really enjoyed making these cards and, as so often happens, ideas for other card sets flowed as I made these. There will be more.

As for the readings, I too have found them pretty accurate.

Now I really need to put some attention on the photography because I've really just been winging that aspect.

Thank you all so much for your comments. I take every word to heart.

Seth said...

What a fascinating project. I love the style, design, and colors of this set.

Anonymous said...

Dear Curio-thanks for visiting my blog. I must say-I love your destiny cards. They are beautiful, rich, textured...full of life and meaning. How can I do a reading? I, too, believe in tarot, divination...not as a way of reading the future but as a way of choosing things now with intention and then creating the future (if that makes any sense). I really love your work-very inspiring. P.S. I am a fellow Canadian too:)

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