Monday, November 29, 2010


My head is in the clouds much of the time these days and sometimes the cloud cover is so thick I see nothing but white...Oh no wait, that's a blank canvas. I'm actually in my studio. I look around at the dozens of unfinished projects, the lists of ideas, the lists of lists of ideas...Okay, I recognize this feeling...I AM OVERWHELMED!
The thing about taking time off is that it becomes increasingly hard to get motivated and to get back to the art of creativity. I hoped that a recent trip to Spain and Italy would really get the juices flowing and I would come back and miraculously(By the way, my goodness there was a lot of religion in both those countries) I would get back to my studio where creativity would flow out of my veins...Not so. As a matter of fact, my creative juices are like a container of frozen concentrate and I'm sad to say adding water does not seem to help! Art was everywhere during my get away, from the ancient to the contemporary, I came face to face with masterpiece after masterpiece. From the architecture to the holy sites to mother nature herself, every piece and  every view left me speechless and in awe. I tried to absorb the energy projected by such a concentration of creative energy but as of yet I'm not really feeling it. I'm still in awe, frozen in a type of reverie and I'm not sure that I want to fully thaw.

Chair and Clouds by Tapies
(I love metal sculptures!)
I will never understand how a tree can thrive rooted to a rock!

One of Gaudi's many architectural masterpieces. The light hanging in the foreground was one of numerous styles lining the streets of Barcelona.

Amazing to see contemporary architecture blending in with this gothic city but it did!

Part of the massive Sagrada Familia church designed by Gaudi, this sculpture, one of hundreds adorning this massive structure, really seems to reflect cubist tendencies, unlike the section below which reminded me of an elaborate sand castle...Truly amazing!

I'm not quite sure how I picked the above photographs to share out of the 1500+ digital photos I took...I just couldn't stop myself. A lot of my pictures were more like fractals and random bits of architecture and  colours or textures on buildings and lots of doors.  Presently I am editing a lot of the photographs, classifying them for future access. I'm sure they'll pop-up in my blog from time to time.

Well, December is right around the bend and this is traditionally a month with a lot of entertaining so I don't imagine I will be in the studio all that much. However, things will change in January as my husband has accepted a short term contract for a couple of months and I vow to go to the studio daily...I'm really hoping routine will help me focus and I will complete ongoing projects and create some new pieces that have been trying to get out of my head.

In the meantime, I will return to the blog community even if only to catch up with my favourites and perhaps even find a few more inspirational bloggers to follow.

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