Friday, June 25, 2010

Fools' Gold

Earlier this year, I decided to take time off from my studio, yet every now and then I find myself at Curio Studio working away on some creative venture, mostly crafty things. This is what I was up to earlier this week when suddenly my mind took a turn. By the time I awoke from my creative haze there was Fool's Gold oozing out of my canvas.
Fools' Gold
Acrylic/Mixed Media
I must confess I am not the ideal person to point the finger at environmental miscreants because I am far from being a hardcore environmentalist. Don't get me wrong, I really care deeply about the environment and have adjusted my lifestyle and many behaviours to preserve and benefit the planet. I strongly believe that it is better to do something to reduce the burden on mother earth rather than to do nothing. That being said, I also accept that it doesn't have to be all or nothing. (This is me trying to justify the many luxuries which surround me.) Still, while I might not feel I have the right to lend my voice to the tragedy that is occurring in the gulf waters, there is a latin phrase that often comes to my mind: Spiritus ubi vult spirat (Inspiration does not depend on will, it is a gift)...and so here I am.
Fool's Gold came about when I went to the studio to do a completely different piece and suddenly I found myself going in a direction I had truly been avoiding...Social commentary through art.
It is becoming evident to me that social commentary is often the direction my work takes. And the reason this befuddles me is that I'm not convinced that I can make a real difference. However, recently it has come to my attention that some of the greatest humanitarians attribute their success on the fact that they focus on the ' individual ' instead of the multitudes and that is how they made, and make, a difference. By that same token, if I choose to add my little statement to the thousands of voices outraged at the injustices and the callous disregard for the environment,  the message becomes so much louder and clearer.
Now all we need is for the Powers-that-be to open their ears and listen!


Karin Bartimole said...

I'm really glad you allowed this piece to come, adding your voice and artistic energies to the healing - however it may come. I think it says it all - and really well. This is a really wonderful piece, and I'm glad you were led back to that studio woman!!
I know for myself, anything I do regarding this tragedy feels more selfishly helpful than able to make an impact further up the line - but I agree with you, as we add all of our voices together, joining our energies, the possibilities are beyond the simple signing of a petition, and certainly better than doing nothing! and as we heal our individual hearts how can that not help heal the world?

Willowpudgy said...

I agree with that sentiment - Inspiration truly is a gift, and you must be prepared to go where it leads you! The result of that inspiration can then inspire others and the chain continues... Great piece!

ArtPropelled said...

Wow Curio, this is obviously the direction you should be taking because this is a wonderful piece. I find that allowing my intuition to guide me results in more satisfying art. Well done!

butterfly woman said...

Such powerful pieces with much emotional impact. I especially like the last image, looks like a fossilized fish. I too often have one thing in mind when I'm read to create, but my intuition takes over and it is very strong so I let it be.
Creativity helps me process my feelings especially lately regarding the gulf issue. I'll paint sea critters and send their healing intent to their southern brothers. It makes me feel good, that I'm doing my part on some level. I feel every individual action, no matter how "tiny" can enter the collection consciousness and impact change.
Beautiful thought-provoking post, Curio. And thanks for your visit to my site.

Patti said...

Your art speaks volumes and I, like my pal Karin, am super glad you didn't stay away from your studio. I think one voice can make a difference though there truly are numbers of us in the wings. Together with your art, your voice has impact, it's a definite inspiration!

Leovi said...

Magnifico abstract language, very suggestive.

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