Thursday, February 11, 2010

Threads II - Forest for the Trees

Renovate, paint, blog, photograph, renovate, print, carve, got the gist of it. This total "busy-ness" makes it very hard to focus. Yet focus is becoming more and more important to me. I believe I need it if I'm ever going to really be good at expressing myself through my art, at reaching some pinacle of success. Okay, perhaps I'm overdramatizing a tad...Success is subjective and I guess I have achieved it in many regards.

What I really need is to quiet my mind and I feel a good way to achieve this is, you guessed it, Focus! With this in mind, I am continuing my search for the common threads in my work and lo and behold, there is the tree, a source of inspiration and awe! 

Although I have countless art pieces featuring trees I'll share these four, some old, some new, some unfinished and all in a different medium.
La pénombre (The Shadows)
Monotype-Ink on Somerset paper (32" X 55")
Moonlight Through the Apple Tree
Digital Photograph
Shadow Play
Acrylic on unmounted canvas
8" x  48"
Raw clay carving, not yet air dried. Bisquing and glazing to follow. (4" x 10" X 2")

Of course, don't get me wrong I do treat a lot of other subject matter, but when I look around in my home, in my studio, in my yard, trees are very present. And no wonder, where would we be without them!


Karin Bartimole said...

A lovely collection Sonia - the carving especially speaks to me. I cant relate to what you're going through - sometimes my threads are just a tangled mess!

ArtPropelled said...

Your clay carving speaks to me too. said...

I love the shadows.


Mar said...

i LOVE tree pieces
they make the best subjects!

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